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Сегодня в 22:07:22

1 октября 2016

Djei-spb, Я оставил заявку на форуме, только её не кто е россматривает(
30 сентября 2016

На форум надо писать http://forum.home-servers.ru/inde


30 сентября 2016

как и куда писать по поводу администратора
15 июля 2016

Ку всем
4 мая 2016

emilem, Всё просто, убрать из ника рекламу
29 апреля 2016

как поставить нормальный ник, а не хоум-серверс плеер?
24 февраля 2015

ку ку
23 февраля 2015

Парам пам пам
10 февраля 2015

Мы вроде всё уже обсудили, скрипты офф и приходи))

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15-10-2016, 11:45
Раздел: Android
Torque Pro (OBD2) 1.8.128 Patched

Программа для диагностики автомобилей с интерфейсом OBD-II

What's New
* PID editor now gives better feedback when editing equations and there is a problem with the equation
* Export list as CSV function for PID editing unprotected PIDs
* Increased MPG ceiling from 255 to 512
* Add ‘override’ function for mode 01 PIDs in the PID editor
* Equation parser now supports nested functions
* Dashboards with many dials now load significantly faster
* Fix notification icon on Nougat due to api change
* Update to show sensors from other ECUs in TorqueScan (You will need to create the PIDs for these manually using the [fcxxxx] given in torquescan as the equation value, and using the normal PID), this is for things like V10 engines which may use 2 ECUs for each cylinder bank
* Can now import CSV pids from things like Google drive using the send menu(in google drive) for .CSV files
* Added a totalizer function TOT(period,value) – see http://torque-bhp.com/wiki/Equations for more info on the new functions
* TAVG(X:value) function added which returns the mean of data given over a period of time where X is the number of seconds over which to average the data
* RAVG(value) function added that averages all data until reset via gauges/display menu or restart of app
* AVG(X:value) function added to average over X points read from a sensor (so AVG(10:A+B) to average A+B over 10 points (max 1000 points)
* ConsultBT support rewritten to include a lot more sensors and fix some protocol related issues
* Fix scale in CSV import
* Adjust SSM protocol AFR calculation to take into account fuel type
* Fix for CSV export setting PID when it should not and sort out scale
* Option added for sound on adapter connection/disconnection in speech settings
* Improved VW mode when using ‘start in dial screen’ option
* VBOX 20Hz GPS updates(more sensors)
* Added setting to remember the last dashboard screen used between app restarts
* Fix incorrect popup when loading PIDs
* Update the starting screen theme
* Updates for nissan ConsultBT
* Averaging/Tot/Filter functions now reject infinite numbers without processing them
* Alphabetically sort the PID list in the ‘Manage PIDs’ screen
* Fix speeling mistake in equation parser error message and in the settings
* Fix for Log1p, Log10, etc functions
* Fix some mode 06 issues with user PIDs
* Fix an issue with some predefined PIDs not being added correctly
* Fixes an issue with VAL{name} in the equation editor
* Improve test function in PID editor to be more helpful
* Add time based delay function TDLY(seconds, value)
* Add poll based delay function RDLY(reads, value)
* Add Exponentially weighted moving average EWMAF(weight, value) filter
* Fix an infinite loop when parsing malformed VAL{} functions
* Fix an issue with bitwise {A:4} functions
* Fix an issue with regarding on/off displays not working in some instances
* Fix scale not being loaded correctly on an edited PID
* Fix for equation editor validation when potential divide by 0 happens
* Equation editor now expands to multiple lines if the equation is too big
* Accelerometer update speed improved
* Half meter now uses theme needle bitmap image if set
* Stopped graph ‘spike’ from occurring when first shown
* A,B,C (etc) variable naming no longer deprecated, N0, R0, also available as alternatives
* Reduce memory usage slightly
* New needle for needle dial
* Fixes for perceived ‘lag’ on some dials
* Fixed the on-off button not updating
* On/Off button fixes and improvements
* Fix trip distance calculation when speed overridden
* Dials and Meters now animate smoother when changing small values
* PID editor can now deal with Longer PIDs (5 bytes)
* Fix a small typo in the alarm code causing a toast popup in some situations
* Fix alarms to work with multiple ‘copy’ PIDs (with different equations)
* Workaround for an issue with BTLE in some android handsets
* Fix issue with Alarm sounds not playing on sony devices, and ‘dot dot dot’ on some other devices.
* Fix wrapping of ‘Canc-el’ button in PID editor
* Update French translation (thanks!)
* Update Italian translation(thanks!)
* Fix incorrectly positioned RPM X1000 scale
* Fix for PLX iMFD dial displays with incorrect scale causing infinity scaling
* Fixes for PLX iMFD, VWPID, Arduino and other externally supplied PID logging issues
* Fix missing mkdir for theme dir when changing background for the first time (if you applied a theme first then it gets made, working around the bug)
* Update a description in the fault log
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Просмотрело: 848 Djei-spb

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